Supply Chain Optimization

ProvisionAi's Green Revolution: Transforming Transportation with Load Optimization

In our latest blog post, we explore the groundbreaking achievements of ProvisionAi in revolutionizing the logistics and transportation industry. Their innovative AutoO2 load optimization solution has made significant strides in sustainability and efficiency, removing 88,000 trucks from highways in 2023 alone. With an ambitious goal to elevate this number to 188,000 in 2024, ProvisionAi is leading the charge towards a greener, more efficient future. This initiative not only reduces carbon emissions but also aligns with global sustainability efforts, offering a glimpse into the potential for technology to transform traditional industries. For a detailed account of ProvisionAi's mission and its implications for the future of transportation, read the full article on []. 


ProvisionAi ensures global companies and supply plans are both high-service and can be cost-effectively executed…that is, making planning and execution "play nice together." LevelLoad from ProvisionAi is a transportation scheduling solution featuring optimized, capacity-constrained replenishment. AutoO2 is an optimizing load builder that converts deployment requirements into efficient, damage-free shipments. Together, LevelLoad and AutoO2 drive customer service and long-term transportation planning objectives despite the realities of supply chain network constraints. The results include improved on-time and in-full customer service, fuller loads, higher use of preferred freight carriers, and lower costs. Clients save millions by tendering loads early to reserve preferred carriers, filling truckloads optimally to minimize wasted capacity, improving customer order fulfillment, and reducing costs. The patented technology saves money and carbon for companies like Unilever, Baxter, P&G, and Kimberly-Clark.