Supply Chain Optimization

Innovative Strategies in Supply Chain Management: Kimberly-Clark and ProvisionAi's Theatre Session at Gartner Symposium May 6th 2024

Gartner Theatre Session May 6th with Ron Sweet and Tom Moore

Introduction The ever-evolving world of supply chain management consistently demands innovation and efficiency, particularly in bridging the gap between planning and execution. At the forefront of this transformative wave is ProvisionAi, a leading ...

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A Remarkable Achievement: Ferrara Candy's Success in Dramatically Reducing Their SKU Count

NextGen conference with Josh lipman and keba Mbaye spoke about Ferrara candy's sku successful rationalization

Congratulations to Ferrara Candy! They have succeeded where many others have failed, they have successfully reduced their SKU count by about a third. Josh Lipman and Keba Mbaye presented at the #NextXGen conference. This is how they did it... Some ...

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