Supply Chain Optimization

Shippers Still Falling Short of Walmart's Relaxed OTIF Targets

Walmart wants suppliers to deliver shipments on time 90% of the time and in full 95% of the time, down from a 98% benchmark set in 2020. Vendors that fall short of Walmart’s on-time, in-full targets face fines worth 3% of the cost of the goods that ...

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Learn How To Maximize Your OTIF and Minimize Fines with LevelLoad and

OTIF Optimization and Avoiding Fines

Struggling with OTIF (On-time, In-full) penalties? Here's how you can minimize or even avoid OTIF fines: To dodge penalties for tardiness, punctual shipping is a must – the "OT" in OTIF. Most transporters and drivers aim for timely deliveries. ...

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