Supply Chain Optimization

Strategies for Reducing Carbon Emissions in Food Companies: Food Engineering Magazine

Trucks at loading docks

The article from Food Engineering discusses strategies for food companies to reduce carbon emissions, focusing on immediate practices like optimizing truck loads to ship fewer trucks and reducing empty miles trucks travel. It also touches on ...

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Smooth CPG flows in Supply Chains - How our Client Kimberly-Clark Optimizes Transportation

“Kimberly-Clark fully deployed the platform (LevelLoad) across all North American operations; as a result of both the process improvements and new technology, it reduced variability daily by 40%, particularly in locations where production plants are ...

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Video Highlights From Tom Moore about #MODEX2024

Tom Moore #MODEX2024 highlights

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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hurts employers again

In a recent ruling, which went far outside precedent, the NRLB allowed Home Depot workers to make political statements on their Home Depot orange aprons. The 1935 NRLB law allows employees to take public positions on working conditions, ...

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Learn How To Maximize Your OTIF and Minimize Fines with LevelLoad and

OTIF Optimization and Avoiding Fines

Struggling with OTIF (On-time, In-full) penalties? Here's how you can minimize or even avoid OTIF fines: To dodge penalties for tardiness, punctual shipping is a must – the "OT" in OTIF. Most transporters and drivers aim for timely deliveries. ...

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ProvisionAi's Green Revolution: Transforming Transportation with Load Optimization

In our latest blog post, we explore the groundbreaking achievements of ProvisionAi in revolutionizing the logistics and transportation industry. Their innovative AutoO2 load optimization solution has made significant strides in sustainability and ...

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