Supply Chain Optimization

Mercedes voted “no” to UAW, but VW said “yes”. Why?

The union is complaining about an unfair election (it is always unjust if they lose), and workers voted from 2600 to 2000 to reject the UAW. VW said, “yes.” Why the difference? I believe it is because VW didn’t resist this third unionization ...

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Biden's veto of Repeal of Joint Employer Rule has Repercussions on Supply Chain

Both houses of Congress wanted the National Labour Review Board's (NLRB) Joint Employer rule to be voided. The rule states that any employer with "indirect control" can be the target of unionization. In the franchise world, think McDonald's ...

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Innovative Strategies in Supply Chain Management: Kimberly-Clark and ProvisionAi's Theatre Session at Gartner Symposium May 6th 2024

Gartner Theatre Session May 6th with Ron Sweet and Tom Moore

Introduction The ever-evolving world of supply chain management consistently demands innovation and efficiency, particularly in bridging the gap between planning and execution. At the forefront of this transformative wave is ProvisionAi, a leading ...

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Results from JB Hunt tell the Transportation Story


The following table shows year-over-year changes in JB Hunt results: Going to Gartner? See us at Exhibit Booth 718 and see Ron Sweet talk about Kimberly Clark’s journey to savings using LevelLoad at 1:35 on Monday May 6th. Also, we recorded ...

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The Supply Chain in Graphs

There is still real pressure on freight rates. According to Uber Freight, carriers look for an increase in the first round of negotiations. That increase has gone by round 2. As you can see, carriers are leaving the business faster than new entrants ...

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Join ProvisionAi for Tom Moore and Jake Barr's high energy Live Stream on Supply Chain Now

Supply Chain Now Live Stream April 18 Noon EST

Join ProvisionAi for Tom Moore and Jake Barr's high energy Live Stream on Supply Chain Now on Thursday, April 18th at 12 Noon EST. Listen to Tom and Jake take a deep dive on the most demanding challenges in his successful 33-year supply chain career ...

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Speedier Government and the Problem of Cargo Theft

In California, a large retailer took 4 1/2 years from “start" to "get the keys" for a new facility. Why? Permit delays are a large factor. Pennsylvania has come up with a novel solution: every state agency has a strict timeline for issuing permits. ...

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Video Highlights From Tom Moore about #MODEX2024

Tom Moore #MODEX2024 highlights

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Learn How To Maximize Your OTIF and Minimize Fines with LevelLoad and

OTIF Optimization and Avoiding Fines

Struggling with OTIF (On-time, In-full) penalties? Here's how you can minimize or even avoid OTIF fines: To dodge penalties for tardiness, punctual shipping is a must – the "OT" in OTIF. Most transporters and drivers aim for timely deliveries. ...

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B to B Transportation in Asia (Specifically Vietnam)

B to B delivery in Asia

Delivery to small shops (of which there are plenty) can be motorbike: Or semi: But mostly by small trucks: While longer-distance deliveries may handled by twin-steer straight trucks: However, longer distances are handled by more conventional ...

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