Supply Chain Optimization

Supreme Court Ruling May Make it Easier for us All

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Chevron doctrine has far-reaching implications for federal regulations. This ruling curtails the power of federal agencies to interpret the laws they administer.
 Examples of how this could impact the supply chain:
  • Non-compete agreements in employment will be enforceable. Previously, the administration wanted to do away with all non-competes
  • Mandatory reporting like those proposed for Scope 3 emissions. The Federal Trade Commission has mandated many time-consuming reports — these should now be considered on hold. 
  • Fuel efficiency mandates are a question mark. Will these still be enforced for trucks?
Stay tuned, as this is still evolving.
ACT Research reports: In June, new orders for heavy-duty trucks in North America were down 12% from June last year and 37% from May.