Supply Chain Optimization

Shootout Tom Moore VS Jake Barr at High Noon Thurs 4/18/24

Join Supply Chain Now and host Scott Luton as we welcome ProvisionAi to our livestream! Hear what Tom has to say about the upcoming duel... Discover the transformative power of merging meticulous planning with flawless execution in our ...

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Smooth CPG flows in Supply Chains - How our Client Kimberly-Clark Optimizes Transportation

“Kimberly-Clark fully deployed the platform (LevelLoad) across all North American operations; as a result of both the process improvements and new technology, it reduced variability daily by 40%, particularly in locations where production plants are ...

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[PODCAST] Optimizing logistics to save the glaciers Net Zero Carbon Podcast on APPLE

Net-Zero Carbon Podcast on Apple

Tom Moore is a serial logistics entrepreneur, a native New Zealander, and founder of three companies focused on efficient and sustainable supply chain operations: AutoScheduler.AI, Transportation Warehouse Optimization, and ProvisionAI. He joins the ...

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