Supply Chain Optimization

Shootout Tom Moore VS Jake Barr at High Noon Thurs 4/18/24

Join Supply Chain Now and host Scott Luton as we welcome ProvisionAi to our livestream! Hear what Tom has to say about the upcoming duel... Discover the transformative power of merging meticulous planning with flawless execution in our ...

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Fun Webinar and Government Inflating Trucking Costs

Trucking costs to rise. The incredibly poorly named “Inflation Reduction Act” seems to be pushing precisely in the opposite direction. The act subsidizes zero-emission (electric and Hydrogen) vehicles and infrastructure. This allowed the EPA to ...

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Why The Price Of Diesel Has Risen Faster Than Gasoline?

From the EIA: “We expect prices for gasoline, distillate fuel oil, and jet fuel to begin decreasing after May as refinery maintenance from April comes to an end, increasing production and reducing some of the pressure on prices in the current ...

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