Supply Chain Optimization

New FourKites Features Released at Visibility23 Conference have perfect alignment with AutoScheduler Functionality

The FourKites #Visibility23 conference unveiled:
  • Remote reefer control and monitoring
  • Carrier appointment scheduling that moves an appointment, for example, when the carrier will be late. The new time may not work (No people, dock doors etc.) and there is no accounting for what to do with the shipments that require the product that is on that trailer 
Both new developments need the support of which can tell:
  • When to turn on/off the reefer
  • When late or early load can be unloaded and which other shipments must be cut or delayed

Learn more about the FourKites Visibility Conference, click here.

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Conflicting signals:
  • Unemployment within the US transportation sector increased from 4.6% in July to 4.9% in August
  • Average spot rates for airfreight lowest in 3+ years
  • Class 8 truck sales are recovering (But still off record highs)

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