Supply Chain Optimization

LevelLoad Deployment Transportation Scheduler [Video]


In the ever-fluctuating world of supply chains, volatility is a given. Supply-planning systems, designed to react swiftly to customer demands, often fall short when managing inventory deployment. With limited foresight into transportation costs and carrier availability, these systems can inadvertently hike up expenses and disrupt the delicate balance of supply chains. AMPLIFYING VOLATILITY "Supply planning can create self-inflicted wounds," as the volatility in daily deployment stock transfer orders is a knee-jerk reaction to customer orders and safety stock adjustments. This approach can amplify the inherent volatility, leading to a cascade of service failures and chargebacks, stranding inventory when it's needed most. LEVELLOAD SOLUTION Enter LevelLoad, a SaaS-based solution with Automatic Order Optimization, or AutoO2, bridging the gap between planning and execution. By smoothing out deployment volatility and enabling early tendering without specifying load contents, LevelLoad and AutoO2 prioritize the most critical products, reducing costs and maintaining service quality. It's a game-changer for supply-chain efficiency in an unpredictable world. Find out more at

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