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Mercedes voted “no” to UAW, but VW said “yes”. Why?

The union is complaining about an unfair election (it is always unjust if they lose), and workers voted from 2600 to 2000 to reject the UAW. VW said, “yes.” Why the difference?
 I believe it is because VW didn’t resist this third unionization attempt, albeit there could be some local issues.
Things may have been different had VW made comments such as those in the Wall Street Journal:  "It’s apparent [ ] what the union is selling, which is less about job security than progressive priorities that extend well past the workplace. Mr. Fain (UAW President) presents himself as the vanguard of left-wing politics, as when he denounced Israel’s effort to destroy Hamas in Gaza. [ ]. Why should line workers in Tuscaloosa pay dues for that?”
The Shanghai Containerized Freight Index pricing measure jumped 9.3% over the past week to the highest level since the pandemic.