Supply Chain Optimization

Shootout Tom Moore VS Jake Barr at High Noon Thurs 4/18/24


Join Supply Chain Now and host Scott Luton as we welcome ProvisionAi to our livestream! Hear what Tom has to say about the upcoming duel...


Discover the transformative power of merging meticulous planning with flawless execution in our groundbreaking live stream. We're not just closing gaps in Supply Chain Execution; we're redefining what it means to be efficient. 

Hear from Tom Moore as he unveils how AutoO2's advanced mathematics doesn't just promise but delivers by increasing truck payloads by 5 to 10%, cutting unnecessary journeys, and significantly reducing carbon emissions. This session is not just about meeting delivery times and reducing costs; it's about breaking down operational silos and positioning your company as the shipper of choice in an environmentally conscious world.

Join us as we delve into "The Unintended Consequences of Supply Planning" and offer robust solutions to the industry's most pressing pain points. Whether it's achieving on-time deliveries, lowering operational costs, or contributing to a greener planet, find out how our integrated approach to planning and execution can elevate your supply chain from good to GREAT. Don't miss this chance to transform your supply chain strategy and make a tangible impact.