Supply Chain Optimization

[Customer Success Story] TalkingLogistics: How T|WO created a successful Optimized Load Building plan for Riviana Foods Inc.

Watch the latest episode of TalkingLogistics to learn about the large financial benefits a massive consumer products goods company like Riviana Foods Inc. can achieve (in the millions) by addressing their capacity challenges. How is artificial intelligence technology utilized to dramatically reduce fuel and labor costs?

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These are the key questions that Jennifer Phillips (Director of Transportation at Riviana), Zachary Dale (Supply Chain Continuous Improvement Manager at Riviana), and Tom Moore (Partner at Transportation | Warehouse Optimization) discuss in this Talking Logistics episode. Transportation Warehouse Optimization offers a highly-effective optimization solution AutoO2 that is integrated with existing ERPs to reduce breakage, fuel and labor costs.

This cloud-based logistics software is designed to prevent tractor trailers from leaving a warehouse facility not fully loaded to their maximum legal capacity, and to reduce damage during packing and transportation. 



[PDF DOWNLOAD] Customer Success Story Optimized Load Building Plan for Riviana Foods