Supply Chain Optimization

Learn How To Maximize Your OTIF and Minimize Fines with LevelLoad and

OTIF Optimization and Avoiding Fines

Struggling with OTIF (On-time, In-full) penalties? Here's how you can minimize or even avoid OTIF fines: To dodge penalties for tardiness, punctual shipping is a must – the "OT" in OTIF. Most transporters and drivers aim for timely deliveries. ...

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ProvisionAi's Green Revolution: Transforming Transportation with Load Optimization

In our latest blog post, we explore the groundbreaking achievements of ProvisionAi in revolutionizing the logistics and transportation industry. Their innovative AutoO2 load optimization solution has made significant strides in sustainability and ...

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B to B Transportation in Asia (Specifically Vietnam)

B to B delivery in Asia

Delivery to small shops (of which there are plenty) can be motorbike: Or semi: But mostly by small trucks: While longer-distance deliveries may handled by twin-steer straight trucks: However, longer distances are handled by more conventional ...

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LevelLoad Deployment Transportation Scheduler [Video]


In the ever-fluctuating world of supply chains, volatility is a given. Supply-planning systems, designed to react swiftly to customer demands, often fall short when managing inventory deployment. With limited foresight into transportation costs and ...

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Revolutionizing Supply Chains: Tom Moore's Visionary Leap with ProvisionAi

In a recent insightful interview with Authority Magazine, Tom Moore, the CEO and Founder of ProvisionAi, unveils the transformative potential of AI in the logistics and supply chain sector. Moore, with his rich background in creating solutions for ...

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Manifesting Good Stuff

There were lots of vendors at the Manifest conference, BUT there were fewer shippers. I did see two interesting things: Shared trailer pools. Not like Chep pallets, but I’d say a combination of that and how the railroads share box cars Relay ...

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Supply chain visibility — So what?

Supply chain visibility is fashionable, and vendors will tell you all the benefits— but is it worth the investment? If visibility shows a shipment to Walmart will be late: You should know this already because the majority of late arrivals are caused ...

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Congratulations Sis!

At the Ben Gordon conference, my son Keith Moore and AutoScheduler.AI won the event with a clean sweep. AutoScheduler is a sister company that has the same highly analytical yet entrepreneurial approach to proactively solving warehouse problems as ...

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The State of the Trucking Industry: J.B. Hunt (JBH) Reports

JBH earnings/share were $1.47, missing what Wall St. predicted would be $1.74. Some one-time costs, including one (they hope) related to insurance and another a function of losses on equipment sales. “We remain in a challenging environment, but we ...

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Contract Prices Firm Slightly

Cowen predicts truckload contract pricing will increase 1.6% in the next 6 months. This is ~half the long-term running average. My experience is that few companies use best practices when bidding on freight. The best practice is to bid: ...

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